About Us

Since 2015, BuyEyesWear has donated over 1,000,000 pairs of reading glasses to individuals in need around the world -- that's only the beginning of it. Socially conscious and charitable at heart, the BuyEyesWear Eyewear family strives for the perfect pair - handcrafted with designer quality materials and delivered to you with love./p>

We use premium materials and maintain exceptionally high standards for quality and social responsibility. Designed in our Southern California studio, each pair of frames is hand-cut from a single piece of acetate, making them more comfortable and flexible than lesser quality injection-molded frames.

This is how we work-

  • Each pair of glasses dramatically transforms the life of a person in need immediately. Reading glasses enable a person to see clearly again, enabling them to work, read, and perform daily tasks again. Quality of life greatly improves. With clear vision comes a better life.
  • You can find us here:
    Address:1206 xinhan street,HanJiang,Putian,Fujian,China
    Phone: +86 1328 9274 553
    Email: service@buyeyeswear.com